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This is a step-by-step tutorial for your first application


It is designed to give you hands on experience on the most basic and essential skills you need to build apps with clearString.

If you have not yet done so, we suggest you watch the Video Tutorial first, and then get started.


If you are using a private-cloud or hybrid-cloud installation we have already covered installing the system for the first time in the Installation Guide.

Whether you are using your own cloud, or the clearString cloud service, all apps are created the same way

These pages guide you through understanding how to work with the components.


All applications are built onto web pages - so the 'website' is the container that is used to deliver your application to its users.

You can later style the app just like a regular webpage, but this walk-through is about creating a basic data application in a deliverable way.


This tutorial will introduce you to four basic aspects of working with the system:


Part 1 - How to use your site to build an application

How to use the example site, and how best to use this walk-through Tutorial.


Part 2 - How to create the basic app container

Explains basic site construction and page editing tools.


Part 3 - How to use a Form and Email

Introduces the techniques for getting data into the system and using the integrated email system with a simple Inquiry Form to Email example.


Part 4 - How to work with Data and Queries

Introduces the advanced data-handling tools and techniques that are the foundation of Application Development. 



So, let's see how to use your Quick-start example...


Below the line

On some pages of the tutorial there is a 'Below the line' section at the bottom. This contains extra information, tips and hints that are useful to know, but not essential to the flow of the tutorial.

Below the line...

Configuration Advice

Everything you need to know is in 'The Guide', our comprehensive support-documentation system, but we know you'll want to get started quickly: that's what this  'Quick-start' walk-through is all about

If you have not done so already you should get your download from here.

If you have got your trial we have advice on installing it here.

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Text Tutorial: Step-by-Step 


Managing Data


Referential Integrity 

Data Entry Forms

Queries and Views

Custom Views



Users & Permissions

User Group Manager 

User Registration

Access Codes & Agreements

Personalizing Experience

Managing Profiles



SaaS Server

SaaS Site Manager

SaaS Client Accounting

SaaS Templates & Clones

SaaS Self Service

Associates System 



User Editable pages

CSS Editor

Editing Pages

Direct URLs

Using Javascript & JQuery

Content Approval & Workflow



Key Concepts


Understanding Embeds

Site Building

Themes System

SEO Optimization

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