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Using Themes 

The theme system allows you to manage site styling in a flexible and efficient way. They should form a part of your workflow even if you aren’t planning to offer your users a choice of visuals on the site. Here are some of the things you can do using themes:

  • Instantly switch the appearance of a site from one look to another.

  • Develop a new look for the site in private before setting it live.
  • Ship a template site with multiple themes, and allow the site owner to select one.

  • Improve Accessibility - allow users to to view the site in a ‘high contrast’ or ‘large font’ theme (without affecting how other users see the site).
  • Link different parts of the styling to the same value - so a border color could be linked to a font color.

  • Where a site is listening on several domain names, set a different theme to be used for each domain - use this to provide specific themes for mobile or tablet devices.
  • Change the contents of pages based on which theme is currently being used.


Key Concepts

Themes are one of the Key Concepts for site and application building.

Find out how to work with Themes here...

Building & Styling Applications & Sites