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How to log in to get editing permission 

Generally there's no need to log in to a website, if you just want to look at it. However as a website owner, you need to log in in order to get permission to edit it.

Your Vendor will have provided you with a unique Username and Password pair when you purchased your website.

  • Your Username will normally be your email address (eg
  • Your password will be uniquely assigned.

Go to the Log-in page of the website or use the Login component.

If it's not obvious where the log in page is (it is sometimes hidden), then you can always access the Log-in page by entering the domain name plus  /login

For example:

Enter the information in the boxes provided.

We suggest you select the Security Option 'Neither of the above', but please read the associated links.

Click the  button. 


Building & Styling Applications & Sites