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Release notes 

Continuous improvement

Our release policy is to release a new version as soon as we have new functionality ready for production use. We don't  'save up' lots of changes and new features for a 'big' release. This way you get to use the latest software as soon as we have fully tested it, and it saves you from having to catch up with lots of changes at one time.

The release notes below highlight recent functional changes to the system. Other changes that don't affect the way you use the system (such as efficiency gains) are not normally noted, to keep the list as clear as possible. Updates are always backwards compatible with existing sites. Find out how to upgrade here.

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26 June 2014
Shopping Cart - theme support 
Theme support for all settings in the options folder.
Build: 44407


26 June 2014
Shopping Cart - config permissions 
New permissions to allow control over which config tab users can administer.
Build: 44407


26 June 2014
Site Data Feed 
Provides a data feed of information about child sites, for use in SaaS / PaaS applications.
Build: 44407


28 May 2014
Downloadable Font support 
mime type support for .otf, .woff, .eot, .ttf and .ttc font files
Build: 44270


28 May 2014
Color swatches 
Style Editors and Tables/Data Entry Forms show swatches of chosen colors
Build: 44270


28 May 2014
Cart - charge - associate commissions 
Option against each charge in the cart to specify whether it should be included in associate commission calculations.
Build: 44270


15 May 2014
System color scheme 
Ability to change the color scheme used by system dialogs.
Build: 44211


15 April 2014
Data Entry Forms 
Allow multi-record-link fields to be pre-populated by querystring param values.
Build: 44127


1 April 2014
DirectURL enhancements 
Improved support for DirectURLs that include querystring parameters (eg to migrate from legacy sites where urls included querystring params).
Build: 44115


1 April 2014
Foreign language support - UTF-8 characterset 
System uses UTF-8 and the utf8_unicode_ci collation (sort order) throughout, allowing for non-Latin characters (Chinese, etc).
Build: 44115


17 January 2014
Login system 
User Validated event - executed after user clicks validation link or logs in with emailed password reset.
Build: 33955


17 January 2014
Events - User Exists criteria 
Ability to check whether a user exists in the system.
Build: 33955


17 January 2014
SaleView - Product Family Fields 
Option to show products as in-stock when they have single-selection product family fields with no options available
Build: 33955


17 January 2014
Enhancements to embeds in emails - extended properties
Build: 33955


18 December 2013
Email Table Loader component 
Enhancements to allow To and CC fields to be split up and records created for each recipient.
Build: 33869


18 December 2013
Text fields - unique alphanumeric default values 
Option to assign a unique string to a new record's text field (useful when creating short TM style urls)
Build: 33869


18 December 2013
Event handling - Create User action 
Extended this action to build records in 'additional details' tables.
Build: 33869


18 December 2013
Query embeds 
New: "Not containing" criteria operator for text-based fields.
Build: 33869


18 December 2013
Log-in component 
New events for to allow emails to be sent after registration, validation etc.
Build: 33869


22 November 2013
Query - Field Usage option 
The previous 'Show' option is renamed and extended as 'Field Usage' to allow for fields that are only to be used in embed criteria to be more efficiently handled - making page generation faster.
Build: 33739

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