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Release notes 

Continuous improvement

Our release policy is to release a new version as soon as we have new functionality ready for production use. We don't  'save up' lots of changes and new features for a 'big' release. This way you get to use the latest software as soon as we have fully tested it, and it saves you from having to catch up with lots of changes at one time.

The release notes below highlight recent functional changes to the system. Other changes that don't affect the way you use the system (such as efficiency gains) are not normally noted, to keep the list as clear as possible. Updates are always backwards compatible with existing sites. Find out how to upgrade here.

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24 June 2011
Logfile management 
Historic logs of site traffic can be deleted to save space, and Template sites have their logs automatically removed.
Build: 21260


24 June 2011
OAuth usability improvements 
The process of creating new tokens has been streamlined to make it easier for users.
Build: 21260


24 June 2011
Field subtypes 
Fields of type File and Image now have autogenerated subtypes of 'type' and 'size' which render the file extension and bytesize of the uploaded objects.
Build: 21260


4 May 2011
Data Entry Form - Rich text fields 
Added option to choose whether the editor toolbar is shown initially.
Build: 21121


4 May 2011
Query - Regular Expression formatting 
Ability to modify a text field using a Regular Expression (Regex) as it is displayed.
Build: 21121


19 April 2011
Regular Expression action 
Event tree Regular Expression (Regex) action for field manipulation.
Build: 21096


13 April 2011
Enhanced text editor 
Providing enhanced usability and better HTML output.
Build: 21070


13 April 2011
Internet Explorer 9 support 
Full support for IE9
Build: 21070


21 March 2011
International locale support 
msi can now be installed on servers with non-English locales
Build: 21052


3 March 2011
Query embeds - Ajax initial loading option 
Option for embedded Views to be delivered via a separate Ajax call, rather than with the initial HTML page.
Build: 20977


3 March 2011
Template sites 
Template sites are now disregarded from server licensing site limits.
Build: 20977


3 March 2011
Data Entry Form - Freeform multi-record links 
Rendering option to allow multi-record links to be shown as a multi-line textbox. Text that matches existing linked record are made into joins, and text that doesn't match is used to create new records in the linked table and join to them
Build: 20977


17 February 2011
List View / Tag Cloud 
List view component allows rendering of comma separated list, with option to variably size items based on a separate field.
Build: 20935


14 February 2011
Unbalanced tags 
Added support for unbalanced tags to support Google Website Optimiser
Build: 20918


14 February 2011
Added the ability to control the depth of recursion within query embeds (ie when an embed includes itself - useful for rendering trees)
Build: 20918


14 February 2011
Sale View / Custom View 
Added the ability to specify which field will be displayed in Record Link fields.
Build: 20918


24 January 2011
Link picker 
New option to link to the equivalent url as the current page, but on a different domain name. (Useful for linking to a different subdomain hosted by the same site, that display different Layout Elements for a 'printable' or 'mobile' usage)
Build: 20812


24 January 2011
Pages - Default Child Navigation 
Default Child Navigation links shown in the body of a Page now expand fully (showing multiple entries if a child pages is using a query for navigation, and Login/Logout links separately)
Build: 20812


24 January 2011
Behavior Editor 
Added a help screen
Build: 20812


24 January 2011
File uploads 
Removes plus signs from filenames of uploads to be compatible with Windows 2008 default fileserving behavior.
Build: 20812

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