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Manage Structure 

Internet Development - without any programming to do.

neatComponents installs onto most standard Windows computers and creates a complete hosting and working environment. Web building is then done by the simple drag and drop of ‘components’ – shown as icons and representing different capabilities – which are then configured through easy to understand dialogs.

Sites and applications are snapped together like virtual building-blocks. Finished sites are self-published right from the same machine – with no fooling around with arcane tools. 

See 'The Guide' for detailed configuration advice  >
Internet development in the post Web 2.0w age

The neatComponents platform makes it straightforward to bring business processes to the Internet - to your website - without specialist training or database skills.  If you can define the process, then neatComponents lets you build that process with easy to use components that fit together without breaking - no coding - no programming - no debugging. Every site is unique - there are no templates.

Pages - the basic building blocks

Despite its apparent simplicity, the Page component has some powerful features that make site maintenance quick and consistent. The most apparent of these are the Styles and Style Inheritance. This enables you to set the styles for a whole area of the site in one place, and all the Pages within that area automatically take on that style. And if the style needs to be changed, the change can be made in one place, and all the pages instantly take on the new appearance.

Ordinary Users do not have permission to change the style settings thus removing any risk of them damaging the website during the editing process.

Automatic navigation

neatComponents websites have inherent navigation - each page and component knows where it is within the site and that is displayed in the navigation system.

Navigation respects the Access Permissions of the pages and Components, so it will not show visitors to the website pages or areas that they are not entitled to see. A neatComponents website will not tantalize the visitor by showing them a link in the navigation and then deny them access to that information.

Navigation can be set to fly-out (or drop-down) as appropriate -  as you will observe in the various parts of this website. Navigation can be styled in the normal ways - for size, font, background and so on.

Navigation is a characteristic of Layout Elements and so can be displayed in numerous ways on different pages if the Designer wishes.

The system manages the display of navigation links throughout the site, ensuring that if a page is moved, or renamed, all the links are automatically updated throughout the site. 


To minimize configuration, unless otherwise set by the designer, the access permissions are Inherited within a website or within a part of the site, so setting a permission in one place affects all related pages, without having to visit each one individually.


Executive summary

In Brief:
Managing Structure

Brochure Sites

  • Drag-drop building
  • Auto navigation
  • Repeating elements
  • Work from Templates
  • Integrated Email
  • Submission Forms

Multi-zone Websites

  • Corporate websites
  • Legal Websites
  • Medical Websites
  • Intranets
  • Extranets

Component-based Constuction

  • Integrated relational database 
  • Multiple Components 
  • Copy, Clone & Template
  • Performance monitoring
  • Calendaring