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E-Mail Integration 

E-mail services are fully integrated into neatComponents, so there is not a special 'email component' that you must add from the Components Store.

The Table component 'Events-tab' is the primary access to the email syste.

E-mail communication is also automatically provided in certain aspects of nC, such as the publication Approval controls, or in the e-commerce and accounting engines.

Response Form Emails

A site builder's  first experience with email, is often in the construction of simple 'response forms' where visitors to a website complete a 'form' which then used to build an email that is sent to the site owner, in addition to any other uses within the site that the designer might make.

There is a worked example in the 'First Site Tutorial'.





Configuring the Email Service

The email service itself is installed automatically during the installation of neatComponents and will send messages direct. You will need to adjust the settings the email service uses as explained here... to suit your circumstances.

No further configuration is required on a site by site basis. The server manager automatically provides the email service for all the sites hosted by the platform.

Twitter and LinkedIn Integration

The Twitter Status Update or LinkedIn Status Update is an Action which can be added to components which support Events – for example the Data Entry Form.

Typical usage example You have a Blog, which is based on a Form, and every time you post a new blog entry, you would like the system to make a Tweet. 

There is a worked example here...



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