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Installation Process 


Get your Download

If you have not already got your Download you can get one now.

Get your download here...

Be sure to download onto the machine you will be using!


Where to install

You can install onto a suitable Windows computer.

Best choice
The best choice is to install onto a newly created Virtual Machine.

1 -You can use a commercial Virtual Server provider:

We explain how to choose and use a commercial provider:
VPS or Remotely hosted Windows server or an Amazon EC2 Instance

2 - You can create your own virtual machine and host it on a Windows desktop machine

We explain how to create a Virtual Machine, and install neatComponents:
Create a  Virtual Windows Machine

3 - You can install onto a local Windows machine, such as your desktop computer.

We explain how to install neatComponents on local machine. 
Install on a Local Windows Machine

neatComponents will install onto Windows 10 Pro, and many other Windows operating systems,
but if you have previously installed other software on the machine you may have software conflicts
that prevent the installer completing. Creating a Virtual Machine (above) solves those problems.

Prepare for your Installation

How to work with Windows.


How to install

neatComponents is a normal Windows installation.

Get step-by-step guidance on how to install here...


Getting started using neatComponents

Follow the instructions at 'Just installed neatComponents? Read this first:' on the screen shown above and then the Quick Start will guide you through building your first site

On Premises Installation 
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