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Rate Limiting 



Rate Limiting - what's that?

Rate limited licenses are fully functioning licenses - just like the Standard Licenses, except they are restricted as to how many 'pages' they will serve in a given time period. These are free licenses without any  commercial or personal-use-only restrictions. When your websites become successful, and busy, the rate at which pages are served slows down: time to upgrade your license.



A rate limited license will function as a normal license with as many domains and sites as you wish. This license may be used by anyone, but it is intended for website developers who want to work with, and learn about neatComponents without any up-front costs. This license has unlimited access to all the neatComponents features. When the server hits the Rate Limit based on a rate of 50 pages per 10 minutes there will be a delay in serving the next page called - but no other functionality is affected.

On Premises Installation