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Behavior Editor Permissions 

Permission to view and manipulate the Behavior Editor for a component is determined by:

  • Permissions set on the component (or inherited by the component from above)
    • Edit Style - if Allowed, then the Style node will be displayed in the Behavior Editor
    • Edit Settings - if Allowed, the Settiings node will be displayed in the Behavior Editor
  • The User Group Manager

The display of the Permissions node is governed by settings in the User Group Manager. The Permissions node will display permissions options for those user groups over which the current user has control. If the current user has no permissions over any other groups, that node is not shown.

If none of the Style, Settings, or Permissions nodes are being shown, then the Behavior Editor itself is not listed in the Toolbox.

Similarly, if none of the items on the Toolbox menu are showing, the Toolbox is not displayed.

Site security - users and permissions